Big B Online - Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We will state simply, and for the record, that we are able to provide a good SEO service. It is not our core business though and the knowledge we have is as a result of optimising our own website base (over 100 sites). As a result of this, we have not set up a core of dedicated service staff to sort out SEO queries for clients. The SEO is undertaken, personally, by the owner of Big B Online.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

There are those who believe that with the correct amount of tweaking, and with manipulation of page content, phenominal results can be achieved. Number one positions can indeed be achieved by way of manipulation but the results can also be very short term. Search engines want to show their visitor the most relevant results possible. The search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Msn thus employ key staff to try and achieve this. One of the threats to the integrity of the results are these pages with manipulated content. They are not #1 because they are the best, they are #1 because their SEO person manipulated the results. These sites are then often banned and getting back into the search engine is all but impossible. This is not the route we recommend you to take. This is not our way of doing business.

We take a logical route to SEO. We ensure that the page is topical, makes use of good and relevant keywords, and is easy to find by a visitor. We ensure that the search engines can quickly and easily see what the page is about and thus show it to visitors who are looking for the appropriate information. We do look at the coding of the page to ensure that the code is totally clean and good for the search engines to read too. We also add the site to good directories and show the website owner how to go about linking to good and relevant websites. This approach involves far more effort than the easy way but has the benefit that you are not breaking rules and manipulating the search engine.

What does Search Engine Optimisation cost?

This is not a cheap exercise. The initial discussion and assessment will cost at least R5000 and further work thereafter will certainly cost in excess of R10 000. In return, you will be assisted with getting your website into good shape and also be given the tools to grow your websites presence on the web. The initial assessment will include an assessment of your competitors and the environment on the web where you want to compete. The more you make use of our staff, the more it will cost you (time related) but, as mentioned, this is a hard work exercise and not a secret knowledge you are paying for.